Describes the request and response formats used for API integration.


  • All API requests are sent via HTTPS.

Request Header

The header of all API requests must include svc-api-key.
Additionally, For requests that include scv-api-key in the header, must include nonce in header.

Request Body

The body data must be in JSON format.


Response Body

The format of Response Body includes the fields below and is sent in JSON object format.

Field NameRequiredTypeDescription
resultrequiredbooleanReturns true on success or false on failure, depending on the request processing.
dataoptionalobjectFor requests that require response data, the data field contains the corresponding object .
If the request failed, the data field is not present in the response body.

The data field is structured as follows.
In case data is one object,
data: some value or object
In case data is a list, {
data: {
total: 10,
list: [some value or object, ..],